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About me

I consider myself a Fine Artist who illustrates and paints and sculpts. This website is dedicated to my illustrations, paintings and sculptures as well as my creative business practices.

I primarily enjoy drawing elements from nature, the human form and science fiction inspired themes. I also enjoy sculpting with handmade paper, toothpicks and wood. I work from commission and am always open to queries.

I strongly believe all art has a place in academics and society, even if the world and school administrations, think otherwise. When I teach, I also believe that each student has a unique creative journey and that my teaching must adapt to suit every individual to achieve successful results. I teach with positivity, encouragement and imagination and believe that anyone can draw or paint or sculpt if they want to.

I've been working as a Fine Artist since 1995 and have worked in various capacities, in the USA and the UK. I run an art meetup group called, "London Art Museum Creatives" on the side and maintain an active studio practice.
About me