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My skills

Pencil Illustration

My pencil illustrative style is very realistic but I very much enjoy distortions rather than exact realism. Current accepting new commissions - please get in touch if interested.

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Colour Pencil Illustration

My style when using colour pencils can be very realistic or full of narrative depending on the needs of the client.

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Ink Illustration

My inking illustrative style is very linear and incorporates patterns from nature, Anglo-Saxon designs and realism. I prefer black ink on white paper though I do sometimes work in colour. I enjoy hiding secret messages in my ink drawings too.

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My style when painting is full of pattern that incorporates drawing in ink often using narrative themes. This a very conceptual and abstract style where I like to see what the paint does and then I draw into it using fine liner ink pens to create little fantasy scenes.

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Book Lessons

Learn to Draw

Drawing lessons for all levels offered in any material. All levels welcome. Suitable for those wishing to improve abilities, learn a new skill or prepare an art portfolio for an exam or art school interview. (Online)

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Learn to Paint

Learn to paint in oil paint, acrylic, watercolour and ink. All levels welcome! Great for anyone who has always wanted to learn to paint or for anyone wanting to refine skills. (Online)

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Corporate Art Workshops

Consider an art workshop for your team to kickstart creative thinking. We will go through a series of drawing exercises that are silly as well as serious which will result in a better understanding of drawing as well as a few nice examples of your own to share with your team! Offered online via Zoom while we're still in a global pandemic

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Art Talks

If you are interested in art history and would like to hear some art talks about specific artists, art movements or art materials and techniques then please consider booking an art talk. (Online)

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About me

I consider myself a Fine Artist who illustrates and paints and sculpts. This website is dedicated to my illustrations, paintings and sculptures as well as my creative business practices.

I primarily enjoy drawing elements from nature, the human form and science fiction inspired themes. I also enjoy sculpting with handmade paper, toothpicks and wood. I work from commission and am always open to queries.

I strongly believe all art has a place in academics and society, even if the world and school administrations, think otherwise. When I teach, I also believe that each student has a unique creative journey and that my teaching must adapt to suit every individual to achieve successful results. I teach with positivity, encouragement and imagination and believe that anyone can draw or paint or sculpt if they want to.

I've been working as a Fine Artist since 1995 and have worked in various capacities, in the USA and the UK. I run an art meetup group called, "London Art Museum Creatives" on the side and maintain an active studio practice.
About me


Postgraduate Certificate in Art & Science

Received a Postgraduate Certificate in Art & Science from Central Saint Martins in London, England

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Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Kansas City Art Institute

Received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the Kansas City Art Institute.

Learn MoreMay 15, 1999